Village begins list of vacant properties to levy fines, to fund rejuvenation of commercial areas


Millersburg, OH: The village’s new vacant property registration ordinance is in effect, and a list of properties that could fall under the purview of violation of the ordinance is being created.


An appraisal will occur for all commercial structures thought to be vacant. The “vacancy” label covers structures not in use by the owner or a tenant, or a recently closed business.


An owner actively working to sell a property is exempt from fines for that structure; if the asking price is deemed “reasonable.” Additionally, owners actively attempting to rent a property, at a “reasonable” rate, would be exempt for that property.


For owners not falling under the exemptions, a fine of $800 is levied for the first year of vacancy for the structure. The fee incrementally increases each year, capping at $6,400.


The funds from the fines are to be used by the Holmes County Economic Development Council, and Historic Downtown Millersburg, to plan for and attempt to revitalize the areas of the village where non-compliance with the ordinance occurs.


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