St. Louis reviewing amendment to vacant property building ordinance, removing some building exemptions

St. Louis, MO: A proposal is under review to amend the vacant building registration ordinance program to remove fee exemptions for properties subject to a specific redevelopment agreement with the City.

Ordinance 68610 was approved in 2010, creating a property registration database to track vacant buildings and establishing a $200 semiannual registration fee for residential properties improved by a residential structure, or commercial properties improved by a structure containing multiple dwelling units. The property must be vacant for minimum 6 months and be in violation of City Building Code.

The proposed amendment, BOARD BILL NO. 171, would remove the language, “Any property subject to a specific redevelopment agreement with the City of St. Louis and its development agencies shall be exempt from this ordinance,” from the current ordinance.

The amendment attempt comes at the heels of concerns from representatives and citizens regarding the state of some of those “exempt” buildings, and how those exemptions are allowing for blight in areas where the rest of the ordinance has been showing positive results for beautification efforts; those effects being partly hampered by those exemptions.




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