Denver, CO: Ascent Real Estate Solutions partnered with Zengine to launch Ascent Vendor Space in 2014. It is an online workflow system scalable to handle Ascent’s property preservation assignments, from property maintenance to local municipal compliance regulations.


Zengine featured Ascent’s new platform in their Jan. 19 blog: “Championing the Use of the Zengine Platform: Denver-based real estate management firm uses Zengine to help scale their business.”


With the platform in place and running, Ascent has another reliable tool to foster expansion and further ensure the exceptional attention to detail and smooth handling for client portfolios that those in the real estate industry have come to know and appreciate working with Ascent.


Ascent combines focused research and centralized operations oversight to create innovative outsourced solutions for code enforcement violations, vacant property registration ordinances, property preservation, and other vendor management needs from across the United States.


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