Foreclosed Property Registrations


Foreclosure registration ordinances are passed by local law makers requiring default servicing companies to file the correct foreclosure registration form and any associated fees required to bring the property into compliance. These registrations are typically required once the foreclosure has been initiated regardless of pre-foreclosure or REO disposition and occupancy status. Fines for non-compliance vary greatly but can be as high as $1,000 per day. Some notable cities that have adopted foreclosure registration programs are Los Angeles and Oakland.


Benefits of Ascent's foreclosure registration solution


  • Our in-house database tracks filing requirements and foreclosure registration forms for more than 1,000 individual municipalities across the United States. We utilize tracking analytics to monitor properties throughout the foreclosure cycle to ensure proper initial foreclosure registration, renewal foreclosure registration, and deregistration services.


  • Experienced research specialists find copies of Lis Pendens, Notice of Default, and other foreclosure documents required that allow our processors to complete orders within 72 hours of receipt.


  • Each foreclosure registration packet includes contact information to our 24-7 Code Response team where live, code mitigation specialists, trained to work with cities, identifying issues that affect our client's registered assets.


  • Our Community Relations team tracks the most up-to-date foreclosure registration compliance news nationally. Please find more about our Community Relations team here.


  • Archived documentation of completed forms, delivery tracking, and receipt confirmation ensure quick, accurate compliance audit reporting.